A Dream Deferred

Yesterday’s dosage of hope

Left a ring of rust
On its trip down
The kitchen sink.

I believe tomorrow will be cold

And that I’ve already forgotten
My gloves at home.

*Title Credit: Harlem by Langston Hughes


17 thoughts on “A Dream Deferred

    1. Because I am sad when I write poetry. But having my poetry so warmly received and responded to – that’s nothing worth being sad about.

      The poem is my sad place, where I am free to cry and complain. The comment section is my happy place, where I am reminded to open the window and breathe.

  1. Wonderful poem! You lifted my heart and gave inspiration to my dull soggy afternoon. Here is my response poem:

    if only Hope and
    her onion-peel tears

    would flush on down

    always stuck in that trap
    with stale clotted bacon grease
    and hair the cat threw up

    waits there for rescue

    and hums

    “oh Happy Day”

    walk the other way


    1. Alice, this is both gross and delicious! I particularly love “onion-peel tears.”

      Your response poems are like presents. I revert back to my excited-kid-on-Christmas-morning self whenever I receive them 😀

      1. You are too kind. Thanks.

        Your poem made my day. Here I was on a rainy winter day feeling uninspired by existence (I was thinking “Grrr. Nuthin’ to write, nuthin’ to write) and then PIF… you added magic words and shook the jar and the (metaphorical) sun came out like a fresh crop of sea monkeys. YAY!

        1. Inspiration is hard to come by! I’ve felt its absence these past few weeks in particular.

          Thanks again, Alice. I’m glad to be passing around ideas in that metaphorical cookie jar 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 And yes, I do think melancholy drives us to the pen – but the thirst for life will always drive us back out the door.

      Happy Holidays to you, as well! Thanks for reading.

  2. You had gone quiet for a bit, welcome back Potterfan you imagery makes my Christmas and well the arts have always been cathartic so you go ahead and pour your your sad soul out it is a great soul with great imagery 🙂

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