Ode to Dorian Gray

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us.
What matters is the part we choose to act on.
That’s who we really are.”
No, sorry, that’s a Harry Potter quote.
I hope you won’t mind me sending vibrations down
The literary crossing of threads.

I want to meet your parallel universe self –
You know, the one that didn’t exchange his soul for eternal youth.
He might look like my great-grandfather,
The one who spent his life carving clocks,
Filling his house with hundreds of them,
A chorus of bombs
Ticking away the seconds of his life.
He might hold one in his shrinking, wrinkling hands
And smile like he’s been given a gift.

But that’s not the person Wilde wrote,
And that’s not the person I’m writing to.
You made Time your enemy –
Locking it away in the attic
Instead of spreading it out
On your walls.

I know you recognize yourself in me
Like the father that can see his own face
Along the curves of his daughter’s –
Watching himself repeat in time.

And yes, I have been afraid of death.
I’ve stayed up all night
Contemplating my bedroom ceiling
Sick to my stomach with the thought
That I might not wake up to it again.
Those were the times I put pen to sandpaper
And scratched my psyche away.

I’m not so naïve as to deny
The raw materials are there.
All it would take is a Lord Henry
To come along and sculpt them
Into a monster-looking thing
Of clay, and hair, and dry skin –
One with jagged teeth and
A wicked grin.

Because the essence of monster
Is in both of us.

I think the difference between you and I
Is that I cracked my monster –
Wrote it poetry to chew on
And broke its teeth.
You gave yours legs and
Taught it to walk.


15 thoughts on “Ode to Dorian Gray

  1. Wow. girl! This is so freakin’ literary (in a good way). So now I have to be jealous of you and your poetry for a day or two at least. (I’ll do a fine job of it).;-)

    Very thoughtful and well-crafted. Very, very good. I enjoyed the read.


  2. ‘Those were the times I put pen to sandpaper
    And scratched my psyche away.’

    That was good; that was really very good – I don’t know if I was Dorian looking in or mywordpool looking out

    1. I love this comment! Maybe a little bit of both? Maybe it’s you, Dorian Gray and I all looking at each other – caught in an eternal staring contest 😉

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I went to search up the plot for the book and read this again. Amazing , great job. The Picture of Dorian Gray will definitely go into my book list. 🙂

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