Staring Contest

What does it mean to have vision?
You clutch my wrists like I have answers
And you can shake them out of me.
I’m afraid “vision” means a lifetime of
Staring the world in its ugly face.
I should warn you that the world never blinks.

It hurts to see,
I say, as I pass a pair of surgical scissors
From my hands into yours.
It hurts to cut your lids off and
Live with open eyes forever.


16 thoughts on “Staring Contest

  1. Are you familiar with this story or is this yet another example of great minds doing their thing….?

    “Another story states that, soon after meeting the emperor, Bodhidharma went to a monastery in Luoyang, where he spent nine years staring at a cave wall in intense concentration. Still another states that, in a fit of anger after repeatedly falling asleep while attempting to practice meditation, he cut off his eyelids. (This is one reason why he was often portrayed in art with an intense wide-eyed stare.)”

    If you’ve not read of Bodhidharma and/or the early Ch’an/Zen tradition, I’d highly recommend it, as it seems you are already channeling it….

    1. No, I’m actually not familiar with it, but I’m happy it exists! 🙂 I love when the universe and I have conversations I’m not aware of.

      I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks for recommending it!

  2. wonderful; I love it. As the Population of many parts of this benighted world saw pen their eyelids and see thngs as they are, it is going to hurt This poem works on so many levels.

  3. poetry….though it needs a special talents to create it, peotical fans need extra talents to understand it….you guyzz are all talented…! 😉
    please do continue writing, so that we can improve our talent of reading…:)

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