The Succumbing

Living –
I have tried to do it with my eyes open
Tried and failed, night after night

To be alive, after all, is to be aware


My flirtations with sleep are ongoing but
I refuse to invite it into my bed

I’m so tired
I’m so tired
I’m so tired
I’m so –

afraid that something beautiful will happen
while I am not awake to see

(I’m so afraid that something beautiful has happened
while I was not awake to see)


19 thoughts on “The Succumbing

  1. a third of our lives is spent dreaming of dreams that may never blossom in real life. I think that’s both incredible and sad at the same time

  2. I have trouble sleeping too, but I’ve never had the feeling it was because of such a nice reason as not wanting to miss a beautiful moment. I’d like that to be the reason though.

  3. I know those thoughts! It is something behind us that pushes-it is the something inside that we need to get onto paper, to express, to tell, that only we can tell, that only we have been given…don’t worry-you will not miss it!

  4. This was the perfect post to read when I m awake here the whole night and its 5am now 😀 and I don’t like sleeping for the same reason that something might happen and I may miss it. I like to use as much time as possible being awake and within senses 😀 Thank you for putting my feeling into words 😛

  5. Billions of happenings have been missed.
    Trillions more have not.
    What is missed will not be missed.
    What isn’t will.
    Sleep in peace or not,
    but sleep you will.
    Your will will sleep.


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