Bearing Witness

I wish to look at the world
the way my cat does:
often for hours as a time.

I wish my eyes could
sit in my skin like that –
glossy marbles floating
in the black universe of his fur –
forever bearing witness,
forever documenting
the happenings of my backyard.

It astounds me —
how he can stare into the heart of a window,
refusing to turn aside

even as a bird is torn to shreds
on our front lawn,
chirping for mercy
at the talons of a hawk,

how he can watch with cool detachment
while I, with my human heart,

look away.


16 thoughts on “Bearing Witness

  1. Turn not away from your fears
    Instead, stare them down intently
    Your eyes truly seeing them
    for what they are
    Gazing through and discovering
    Their hollowness
    Be not afraid
    Though your memories
    dreadly unsettle you
    Stand your ground
    Draw strength from your resolve
    This is no standoff
    This, a time to discover
    your humanity solidity
    Infinitely powerful

Thoughts? I love those.

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