2015: A List of Reasons to be Grateful

You saw me graduate high school – standing on that stage
more stone than human, ancient
invincible and undying.

Thank you for teaching me immortality is a feeling,
not a state of being.

Then my first semester of college when I realized
the best learning doesn’t happen at desks, wooden and square –

but on the floor, dirty dorm room carpet,
sitting cross-legged with your friends
debating the existence of God.

Thank you for teaching me to listen more than I speak
and to give more love than I take.

In your waters I lost a friendship –
watched it succumb like a sandcastle
to the foaming mouth of a rabid sea.

Thank you for teaching me some things
stand at a distance but dissolve
at the first touch of closeness.

Through your eyes I saw a larger world

so thank you for Paris and stolen sunflowers
and my first time on an airplane.

Thank you for fresh pain and books
and people

and the chance to work with a literary magazine
and play in a string quartet

and for winning the “most likely to write a
best-selling novel” senior superlative

and for a new short story collection by Neil Gaiman
and discovering the band Twenty One Pilots

and for prom and a wedding and a new cousin
and an eighteenth birthday.

Thanks for all of it, even the bad parts.
Thank you for every new feeling.


13 thoughts on “2015: A List of Reasons to be Grateful

  1. you use effectively the brief anecdotes and specific examples (like the name of the band you discovered). the fact that you can be grateful (to your family?) and yet acknowledge the pain they sometimes gave you shows your wisdom. families are so complicated. i remember the time in junior high when mom told me that dad wished that i not kiss him any more when saying “good night” because i was too old for that kind of “stuff.” that hurt, but i knew that he loved me.

    1. Thank you so much for these thoughts. Again, your comments are wise and thought-provoking.

      I also wanted to let you know that I tried the URL for your blog (ex.57230.wordpress.com) and kept receiving an error message. Was that not the right link, perhaps? I’d really love to read your stuff.

      Best wishes,


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