When I die, remember me like this:
a starwoman walking upside-down across the sky,
boots sunk deep in the muds of heaven.

And should you ever tire of the ground,
those barren streets and bone-white sidewalks,
resentful of the magnetic earth
that grips your ankles tight

look up, then. I will be overhead
near the Northern Star
winking as if to beckon,
come closer…

There will be a bird in my hair
and windsong on my lips,
I’ll be wearing the clouds like a skirt
around my hips

that swishes and dissipates
on my way across the sky
to Bowie.


27 thoughts on “Starwoman

  1. the first stanza hooks the reader with vivid, surprising images. the last two stanzas offer the music of “lips…hips…swishes…dissipates” which suggests both the surreal and erotic. and “on my way… to Bowie”? I don’t know what it means, but it’s wonderful.

    1. You do such a thorough job of dissecting my poetry, picking up on all my little subtleties. Thank you. As for the Bowie line, I was referencing David Bowie and his song “Starman.” (There’s a starman waiting in the sky…)

      Bowie died recently, and this poem is a bit of a homage to him. I thought maybe he’d like a starwoman with him, wherever he is.

  2. I love this, it’s great !!! it really captures the emotions!
    You should follow me and read my work. I have a poem published called More Often Than Sometimes. although it’s a written slam poem i think you’d like it. if you follow and help critique me, that’d bye great. THANKS! 🙂

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