Bird and Worm

Before the bird eats the worm
it looks to me for forgiveness.

How do you tell nature it is not evil?
How do you promise there is nothing barbaric
about the way it stabs its beak into the earth
and uproots a body?

The animals were the first
masters of war, after all;
before we had rifles and bombs
they had tooth and claw

and knew how to strike a weak spot –
throat and eye and
soft underbelly.

But I was wrong about the bird.
It was not asking for forgiveness,
it was not even looking at me.

Nature, it seems,
does not need permission
to be what it is.


4 thoughts on “Bird and Worm

  1. Wonderful poem, you pose some interesting questions I often ponder about. I especially enjoyed this poem because it reminds me, in it’s motives, to one of my favourite poems of all times:’Tell me not here, it needs not saying’, by E. A. Housman.

Thoughts? I love those.

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