White Noise

It’s back again – the familiar itch
that tugs at me like a whining child:
when is our next adventure?

Day-to-day life is a steady drip of white noise.
My ears have forgotten how to hear
and need the sound of foreign tongues
to remind them.

Here is the voice again,
nagging, necessary:
Do you remember France?
Do you remember cathedrals
and fresh-baked croissants
and sunflower fields as far
as the eye can see?

Yes, I remember,
and I cannot breathe in this town
that is too small for me

the way a jar is too small
for a trapped insect

the way a backyard is too small
for a fenced-in dog

the way this body is too small
for the voice that pounds
all day long like a fist,
like the chime of a clock,
harsh and insistent —

When is our next adventure?
When? When?


21 thoughts on “White Noise

  1. Travel, Natalie. Travel while you can as long as you can as much as you can so that you can make music with your words to drown out the white noise of oneplace, the white noise that we all–that you will–battle until your endofdays.
    Travel well.
    Travel long.
    Travel hard.

    1. Wow, I don’t need much more encouragement than that 🙂 Your words make me want to catch the next flight out of here!

      I am looking ahead to my next adventure, and I think I may study abroad in England my junior year… we shall see!

  2. As it happens, I am currently working on a piece that mentions white noise. Assuredly a different kind, but still….there it is.

    I have two versions and had already thought (just earlier today!) of seeing if you would share your thoughts on them with me.

    This just seals the deal. May I send them to you? May I be so bold as to ask your opinion of them?

      1. Yup. Got it. A few tweaks and I’ll send them off. May take me a minute. As you can see, I have fallen off of my own wagon, despite putting the horse in front of it. And giving it a swift kick in the ass.
        Ah, well. Such is Adulting.
        It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

        1. Sounds great! And I absolutely understand that…. I feel like many of my NaPoWriMo poems are just word vomit, forced out before they are ready. Oh, well. Art is messy, and at least I’m producing something.

          Curse adult life. Let’s insist on staying children and writing silly poems and playing with words.

          1. Often the joy of writing in forms–of forcing oneself to write in simple forms–is the unexpected good poem that comes out of it. We concern ourselves only with “following the rules” even if the poem in question is of questionable quality or in questionable taste but still we are questioning the questioner and somehow, sometimes a good poem sneaks in the back door. It’s a trick that the mind plays on itself.

            1. This is genius! I like your game 😀 Challenge accepted — tomorrow’s poem will be a cinquain — perhaps a string of cinquains — most likely crappy, but hey, their inventor’s name was “Crapsey.”

              It’s been a while since I’ve experimented with simple forms. This is going to be fun!

              1. Would you care to “chain” them?
                I.E. the last, two-syllable line of one poet’s cinquian becomes the first two-syllable line of the next poet’s cinquain?
                A Cinquain Chain or Sink Chain, as I like to coin it?
                (with no limit on the number of cinquains each poet cares to write before handing off to the next…)

                    1. Definitely! And FYI, I take the cheap-skate lazy American approach and thereby the only convention that I really follow is a purely syllabic one. But that’s just me. Apparently Ms. Crapsey’s original schema was accentual-syllabic. Scansion gives me hives. Verse-feet make me stumble and trip. But however you/I/we wish to proceed is fine by me. All rules (including rules about not following rules) are meant to be broken.

                      Can’t wait!

                    2. Oh, that’s fine by me. I’ll definitely follow the syllabic pattern, but I’ve never done well with the whole stressed/unstressed syllables thing — I’ll just write in whatever rhythm feels natural. Besides, bending the rules a bit never hurt anyone 😉

                      I’m excited, too! Game on!

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