Cinquain Chain: Link #1

The beginning of a poetry exchange between Johnny Crabcakes and myself. We are forming a chain of cinquains in an effort to unchain our muses. 

what dead thing are
the vultures circling?
There is always a corpse somewhere


10 thoughts on “Cinquain Chain: Link #1

  1. Ok. So I’m late as usual. But of course I imagine it is Terribly fashionable to be late most especially to a Poetry Party, so….

    (I at least got it up in time for your next link to qualify for Day 15, mea culpa)

    I love the question/statement split in your Link #1, and so mirrored it in reverse. Seemed like the right thing to do….


    You’re it.

    1. To put a twist on a quote from Gandalf the Grey: “‘A [poet] is never late; nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.’

      I love your inversion of the first cinquain. This Poetry Party is really getting started! 😀 Exciting!

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