Cinquain Chain: Links #3 & #4

The continuation of a poetry exchange between Johnny Crabcakes and myself. We are forming a chain of cinquains in an effort to unchain our muses.

what dead thing are
the vultures circling?
There is always a corpse somewhere

there are blossoms
breathing in the dark night.
Why is the air so empty in
our dreams?

Our dreams
where we descend
with stones in our pockets
like Virginia into the dark
water —

which bears the weight
and weeps to consume us
and delivers our bodies back
to land.

11 thoughts on “Cinquain Chain: Links #3 & #4

    1. Whoops! You’re right. I’ve changed the title to reflect the multiple links.

      And yes, I’ve been in a bit of dark mood lately… although the sun finally came out today, so perhaps my next cinquain(s) will be a bit lighter 🙂

  1. Wistful

    She would never have a life of
    Children, lawnmowers, storm windows with built-in screens.
    No fertilized lawns.
    No, infertility was not the problem.
    It was the rock garden in her head.
    Wistful, she envisioned the lost innocence of
    Her youth. Her willingness and eagerness to
    Trust others. The traumatic disappointments artfully
    Concealed behind
    Quiet smiles and politely folded hands.
    About so much, she was obviously wrong. Especially when
    She was certain she was absolutely

    {from “Furrow” by Anne Weitzer}

      1. Well I’m half remembering the last thing I read by Wolf and that it was written during WWII and was about what it is like to be bombed and it is bringing to mind such rich fields of imagery and wordplay and I am trying to remember where I read it. It was in an essay….just have to remember. I REALLY need to take better notes.

Thoughts? I love those.

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