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Seek to be full of the moment,
to be full in the moment,
to take the moment and pocket it
like a thief getting away with something.

You are enjoying this too much,
the birds seem to say.
Their songs are not for you
but listen anyway.

Woolf called this a
“moment of being”

so seek, now, to be more
than you have ever

and to ignore the chime
of the hours when they
come for you –

tell them no, thank you,
you are listening to the
birds today

like a child with her ear
against her parents’ door,
straining to hear something
secret and terribly


Cinquain Chain: Links #3 & #4

The continuation of a poetry exchange between Johnny Crabcakes and myself. We are forming a chain of cinquains in an effort to unchain our muses.

what dead thing are
the vultures circling?
There is always a corpse somewhere

there are blossoms
breathing in the dark night.
Why is the air so empty in
our dreams?

Our dreams
where we descend
with stones in our pockets
like Virginia into the dark
water —

which bears the weight
and weeps to consume us
and delivers our bodies back
to land.