Poet and Beast

It’s not about dropping words like stones down wells,
Listening to the clanks and clunks ricochet off the walls
As you hover near the edge, pleased with your senseless noise-making.

It’s about dropping yourself down the well.
It’s about human skin against stone –
That warm slap that wakens the blood
And can be heard for miles.

It’s about getting inside, you know?
Crawling into the English language
Like a wounded animal and
Curling up beside its pounding heart.

That’s the music.
The steady thump, thump of it going on
In its endless monologue.
You sync your words with the swelling of its lungs
And hope they sound like keys of an accordion
Breathing in dust and bellowing out clouds.

The beast at the bottom of the well
Has never bared its teeth at me.
At night I bury myself in its fur and
We move as one – a slow,
Steady intake of breath.
In the dark, when it’s hardest to tell
Poet from beast,
I can almost convince myself
We’re of the same body.

403 thoughts on “Poet and Beast

  1. Reblogged this on Coming to the Real World and commented:
    She uses objects like wells, and rocks and connect them with words. She talks about its not about dropping words like like stones down a well but allowing your self to fall down the well. It about feeling the words like so.

    Its much more than just saying words but feeling the words you say. I got from this post that you should be passionate about words.

    The when I read this post, I can visualize my self Fallin down that well and feeling those rocks. I Felt her words.

  2. Blown away, so thought provoking! Would be so grateful if you could cast your eye over my words, would love to see if they resonate with others..

  3. I am not literal person, but reading this piece was like watching a painter unfolding his story in colors that speak to my heart. I have read this several times. Thank you. Please keep your poems coming.

  4. This is really nice. U get me. Can you do me the favour of visiting my blog and telling me if i have any amends to make in my writing style? I mean with respect to my poetry. Apparently, its not easily understandable fr a few people. Its thebeanbagpoet.wordpress.com

  5. You do have to get down and dirty with that wounded animal. Sometimes that animal is you. You’re the beast, and inspiration the poetry. Lovely.

  6. “It’s about getting inside, you know?
    Crawling into the English language
    Like a wounded animal and
    Curling up beside its pounding heart.”

    This stanza is exquisite! Having multiple degrees in communications, I have understood for many years the power of language and words. The About section on my WP site explains this….and you have said it here so very well! This is just a wonderful poem.

  7. I like your analogy of dropping yourself “in the well”. Most of us are scared to fully commit ourselves to something – anything, really. In the end it’s the choices that we make which define us. We should look back on those choices and we glad be chose with certainty.. Cheers!

  8. Reblogged this on Dog Leader Mysteries and commented:
    Now that I am writing poetry Ridgerli. And in a weekly critique group with poets. I am giving myself time to write and rewrite poetry from 40 years plus.

    I like that he says “…drop yourself down the well.” because it’s from the well, I can write from NOT my head and not always from my gut, I write from the well of myself. And I don’t have the exact address for getting to the well Nor a map to find it.

    If you write poetry and maybe you have a map to find your personal secret well, do tell me about yours.

    Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

  9. I love the imagery of this free verse poem. I am fond of creating and putting ideas on a free verse. Feel free to visit my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 x Louiesse

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