A Wave Goodbye

Missing you comes in waves,
like naseau.

You were expecting something about the sea,
weren’t you – but we were nothing like the cresting of saltwater
or the calls of seagulls, lush and exciting.

We were more of a sickness.
Slow, malignant

but if you like the sea metaphor better
we can call it seasickness.

And if it’s seasickness I’m standing on the deck of a ship
staring out into the space where sea and sky meet
and melt –

which sends me lurching forward to vomit over the side,
violent and swaying.

And as my legs shake and my throat closes
and my lips spasm and my chest burns

I miss you.
Gasp, breathe.
I miss you.


18 thoughts on “A Wave Goodbye

  1. it’s interesting how the poem directly addresses a person who is causing the writer so much pain. anger and hurt to the point of vomiting. strong stuff because of such strong images that show what is being felt.

  2. I think this is absolutely breathtaking. The way you crafted your words in this piece makes the reader deeply feel every word, with an overbearing amount of emotion. you are so talented and it would mean so much if you could take the time to stop by and read some things from my blog.

  3. This is beautifully written. The way you depict your feelings into words, is lovely. I look up to people, like you, who are such amazing writers. Please look at my blog and if you could give me some advice. It would mean a lot to me. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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